What is Step by Step C?

Transport students into a world of vivid color, imagination, and fun as they learn Chinese with Step by Step Level C. Designed for students with two to three years of elementary Chinese study, this delightful, 19-volume set of graded readers builds off the vocabulary learned in Step by Step Level A and Level B. Focusing on Grade 3 curricula based on the Utah State Standards in science and social studies, Step by Step Level C elaborates 6-high level content areas including:

  • Science (on general science concepts like the scientific method, gravity, and friction)
  • Anthropology (on Native American culture)
  • Physics (introducing Newton’s Laws of Motion)
  • Astronomy (gravity and the rotation/revolution of the Earth and moon)
  • Environment (explaining how energy from the sun affects us and the world)
  • Technology (simple machines)

Pedagogical alignment with ACTFL’s 5 C’s and the Common Core State Standards places Step by Step in a unique position to satisfy the curriculum goals of every elementary school Chinese program: from intensive immersion to casual exploration.

How does Step by Step, Level C work?

The third in this multi-level series, Step by Step Level C includes 1 Foundation story which introduces numerous vocabulary and grammatical structures that spiral through the rest of the themes, while also reviewing content from Level A and Level B. After reading the Foundation theme, students and teachers can pick up any theme that suits their needs and interests, finding that grammar and vocabulary will both build within themes and spiral between all the content areas.

There are three readers in each Level C theme. In total, Level C introduces over 450 new words, at 20-30 words per book. Like the earlier levels, the new vocabulary terms systematically recycle throughout each reader across all themes. Step by Step‘s content-based instruction continues to provide a context for learning and reinforces subject matter learned in other disciplines. The companion website includes audio recordings, teaching tips, vocabulary lists and flashcards, grammar guides, and writing practice templates.

Home support

Most American parents do not speak Chinese—this challenges programs and teachers to find new ways to help parents and guardians support their young learners during the study of Chinese. Step by Step Level C provides a variety of resources to meet this challenge, including full English translations, new word lists with pinyin, and a robust companion website complete with mp3 audio, flashcards, word lists, and more. Contact your representative for samples and more.

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