What is Step by Step, Level A?

Transport your students into a world of vivid color, imagination, and fun as they learn Chinese with Step by Step, Level A! Designed for students with no prior experience of Chinese language, this delightful 33-volume set of graded readers takes students on an exciting educational journey as they learn Chinese through content-based instruction in science, math, and social studies. Pedagogical alignment with ACTFL’s 5 C’s and the Common Core State Standards places Step by Step in a unique position to satisfy the curriculum goals of every elementary school Chinese program: from intensive immersion to casual exploration. Step by Step, Level A will ignite students’ passion to learn through its variety of artistic styles and subject matter, serving as an indispensable component for any first year Chinese course either as a core series or as supporting material.

How does Step by Step, Level A work?

The first of this multi-level series, Step by Step, Level A starts with three Foundation stories, which introduce 34 essential vocabulary terms. Once students have mastered the vocabulary in the Foundation stories, teachers can introduce any of the 10 cross-curricular themes—family, hygiene, nutrition, activity, plants, school, water, community, time, and math—to reinforce content learned in other subject areas and provide familiar and engaging language learning contexts. There are three readers in each theme, and each reader introduces approximately 8-12 new high frequency vocabulary terms while systematically recycling previously learned vocabulary. The non-linear relationship among themes allows you to design your language curriculum to match the curriculum in other subject areas and to introduce as many or as few themes as suits your program. For rigorous programs, the foundation stories and the 10 themes introduce over 300 vocabulary terms.

Home support

Most American parents do not speak Chinese—this challenges programs and teachers to find new ways to help parents and guardians support their young learners during the study of Chinese. Step by Step, Level A provides a variety of resources to meet this challenge, including full English translations, new word lists with pinyin, as well as a robust companion website complete with mp3 audio, flashcards, word lists, and more. Contact your representative for samples and more.

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