Developed by professionals at the Sogang Korean Language Education Center,¬†Sogang Korean provides a comprehensive approach to Korean communication and contemporary culture. The four language skills–speaking, listening, reading, and writing–are connected by a common learning objective in each lesson, enabling learners to practice, extend, and apply their knowledge and skills.

The Sogang Korean 5A Student Book is designed to be used after completion of Level 4B. Authentic dialogues help students grasp important Korean grammar structures and vocabulary, while appealing illustrations and frequent comprehension checks support their understanding. In each lesson, students are encouraged to reinforce what they have learned through a variety of both controlled and free conversation activities.

To facilitate independent study, the Student Book is accompanied by a separate grammar booklet with English explanations, scripts for each CD, and a glossary of terms. The CD contains listening exercises, pronunciation exercises, dialogues, and recordings of the lesson readings. The 5A Workbook provides exercises for additional review and practice. The 5A Student Book and corresponding Workbook are intended to cover 75-100 hours of instruction.

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