Small Wonders is a beautifully illustrated series of graded Arabic readers that is ideal for learners in grades 3-9 and heritage environments. Aligned to U.S. National Science Education Standards, each book includes interesting cultural information about the Arab world, with stunning images to provide context and visual stimulation.

Designed specifically for advanced beginning Arabic readers, The Eye explores topics such as how many parts are in a human eye, why red-eye appears in some photographs, which animal has the largest eye, and the cultural significance of the Eye of Horus. Level 2 recycles and builds upon the vocabulary and grammar taught in Level 1 by introducing simple present/past verbs and common plural patterns.

A free audio recording of the complete text is available for download on the Small Wonders Companion Website. Teachers and parents will also find additional resources on the companion website, including:

  • full scope and sequence of topics, grammar, and language introduced at each level
  • word bank for each level, showing complete vocabulary sets used in the series
  • additional activities and extension ideas for each book in the series, suitable for classroom and home use

The Eye is also conveniently available for purchase in packs of five.

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The books are full of very interesting facts about different subjects...Students were able to read the books on their own by looking up the words from the back of the book.

—Sahar Mirshed Stehle, Albert Einstein Academy, Santa Clarita, CA

About the Author

Mahmoud Gaafar is an Egyptian writer, editor and translator. He holds a degree from the American University in Cairo, and has worked with languages most of his life. He has spent many years working for Radio Cairo, the United Nations and various multinational corporations operating in the Middle East, and he also writes materials for learners of Arabic of all ages and backgrounds.

Jane Wightwick is an experienced teacher of Arabic and author of Arabic learning materials.

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