Ni Hao‘ Volume 3‘ is the third installment of the’ Ni Hao’ series, and is designed for middle school or high school students who have completed’ Ni Hao‘ Volumes 1 and 2.’

The text uses Chinese characters extensively, accompanied by’ pinyin’ as a pronunciation guide. As the student becomes familiar with the characters and vocabulary, the’ pinyin’ is gradually omitted. Each chapter includes a variety of engaging activities to develop reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. ‘€œSomething to Know’€? sections explore relevant Chinese cultural, historical, and geographical topics, enriching cultural understanding and enhancing students’ interest in learning the language.

Volume 3′ introduces more than 500 words and phrases and 151 written characters. Chinese-English and English-Chinese appendices’ contain pinyin, English, and simplified and traditional’ character listings for words and expressions learned in the text. This textbook is in traditional’ characters.

FREE software download
A free download is available for the’ Ni Hao Language Lab Textbook Edition (Lab TE)‘ software:’ download here. The software includes recordings of the pronunciation practice, dialogues and readings, vocabulary, and common phrases sections from each lesson in the textbook. Students can also record their own voice to compare pronunciation. To access this download you must go through the process as directed on screen and enter 9781876739546 as the ISBN when instructed. The software is available for Windows and MacOS X and in simplified characters only.

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