Kanji cannot be mastered overnight, and many learners find the characters to be intimidating, tricky to memorize, and easy to forget. Written by the experienced authors of the popular Genki textbook series, this handy reference helps makes kanji learning fun and easy for novice and intermediate learners.

Each of the 512 kanji entries is fully illustrated and includes the definition of the kanji, on and kun readings, a mnemonic hint, and associated vocabulary words and expressions that contain the target kanji. The illustrations and mnemonic hints help create associations in the learner’s mind, making it easier to commit kanji memory. The kanji presented in this book were selected on the basis of their inclusion in Levels 3 and 4 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and their use as parts of other kanji.

Other Features:

  • Multiple indices allow users to readily look up the meanings, readings, stroke count, and stroke order of kanji
  • Companion workbook (sold separately) reinforces kanji learning in the context of sentences and longer text passages 
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