The Huanying, Volume 4 Part 1 student workbook contains a variety of engaging activities that integrate listening, speaking, reading, and writing exercises to accompany the Huanying, Volume 4 Textbook.. Communicative activities for pairs and small groups are provided as ready-to-use student worksheets with clear instructions, requiring minimal preparation time for teachers. Activities progress from a structured format, such as vocabulary matching and ‘€œHow do you say it in Chinese?’€? to open-ended ones, like ‘ pair or group interviews, building accuracy and fluency in a cultural context while encouraging critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making.‘ 

In Volume 4, games such as bingo, crossword puzzles, and word searches engage students in fun and meaningful learning activities. Listening practice exercises are marked with an icon to indicate that corresponding audio tracks are available for online with textbook purchase. Character-practice exercises, suitable for homework assignments, provide step-by-step guidance on how to write the new Chinese characters learned in each lesson.

This workbook is in simplified characters, with English and pinyin.

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