The Huanying, Volume 2 textbook covers the second full year of study at the secondary school level. Like Volume 1, the textbook includes 6 units and covers the topics of Transportation, Food and Drink, Weather and Travel, Window Shopping, Do you Need Help?, and Summer Plans. Each unit includes Learning Goals, 5 lessons plus one unit review, and a Self-Assessment checklist. Within each lesson there are two dialogues or texts, a New Words section introducing vocabulary in both simplified and traditional characters- as well as pinyin and English, Language Notes that discuss grammar and usage structures through explanation and example, Extend Your Knowledge supplementary vocabulary, A Glimpse into Chinese Culture, and a Do You Know? section that offers even more cultural information.

While the core of the textbook is written in simplified characters, vocabulary is also presented in traditional characters in ‘ the main body of the text and the Chinese-English, English-Chinese, and proper noun indices at the back of the book. Dialogues are also presented in traditional characters in a special index at the end of the textbook to facilitate dual-character learning.

How is Volume 2 different than Volume 1?

  • Higher level vocabulary, grammar, and language structures
  • Less pinyin to encourage students to memorize pronunciation
    ‘ ‘  – Volume 1 texts and dialogues included pinyin; Volume 2 and subsequent volumes’ texts/dialogues do not
    ‘ ‘  – Vocabulary tables, cultural content, and indexes still have pinyin
    ‘ ‘  –
    Pronunciation Practice section was present in Volume 1 only
  • Story Behind, a new subsection of Glimpse into Chinese Culture, explains one idiom in greater detail
  • Expand Your Word Power appears in each Unit Review and helps students learn new words based on what they’ve just learned
  • New English-Chinese vocabulary index
  • Covers approximately 500 essential characters, plus about 280 supplemental terms
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