Ideal for intermediate Chinese language learners, Expressive Chinese: Culture and Communication in a Changing China is a one-volume course designed to build advanced reading and writing proficiency in four areas: complexity, accuracy, fluency, and felicity. Eight field-tested lessons equip learners with the practical skills and intercultural competencies to confidently communicate their own feelings, thoughts, and opinions on topics ranging from the personal to the global.’ 

Expressive Chinese is ideal for learners who have completed Integrated Chinese Volume 4 or the equivalent of two years of college-level study. Upon completing this course, learners will be prepared to study Reading Into a New China Volumes 1-2 for further literacy development.’ 


  • Stories and interviews introduce grammar in context and empower learners to make observations about Chinese society and culture
  • Curated vocabulary lists enable learners to express themselves effectively in both colloquial and formal contexts
  • Short, thematic texts reflecting diverse situations set the stage for more nuanced understanding of each lesson’s main reading 
  • Critical reading and writing strategies enhance specific literacy skills and encourage learners to engage more deeply with the content
  • Extensive scaffolding models and facilitates the use of different descriptive and narrative techniques
  • Ample opportunities for long-form oral and written language production reinforce skills through practice
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About the Author

Panpan Gao is a Lecturer in Chinese at MIT. She graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University with a master's degree in applied Chinese linguistics with a focus on pedagogy for Chinese as a second language. She has been teaching Chinese language at the university level since 2010. Prior to coming to MIT, she taught at Harvard University. In addition to teaching, she has also been involved in textbook writing and teacher training for an intensive language summer program.' 

Hongyun Sun is a Senior Lecturer in Chinese at Boston University. She received a BA in Chinese language and literature education from Shenyang Normal University and an MA in cultural anthropology from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Before coming to BU, she taught Chinese at Harvard University for seven years and Bowdoin College for two years. She was awarded the Harvard University Certificate of Teaching Excellence from 2008'€“2015. In addition to serving as an on-site lead teacher at Harvard Beijing Academy (HBA) for the summer of 2012, Hongyun also served as an academic director for the US State Department'€™s Critical Language Scholarship program in the summer of 2011.

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