Chinese in Motion is designed to help students use the Chinese language in real-life situations. Serving as both a language textbook and a reference guide for contemporary China, this book encourages students to move their language beyond the classroom.

Targeted field work activities form the backbone of this performance-based curriculum. With lesson texts and dialogues introducing unique and relevant aspects of contemporary Chinese culture and society, Chinese in Motion prepares students to live in the Chinese-speaking world by integrating their classroom-based learning with their experiences interacting with native Chinese speakers. With a focus on promoting task-based language competency, students studying abroad will be able to take full advantage of their immersion environment.

Perfect for students with two years of college Chinese, Chinese in Motion is designed to bring students up to ACTFL’s intermediate-high or advanced-low proficiency level. This structured curriculum’s lessons transition from controlled to free production as students build on the textbook material to exercise their new language skills in real conversations with native Chinese speakers. On returning to the classroom, students continue to practice conversational skills by discussing their experiences, and develop their writing skills by crafting formal journal entries that they present to their class.

Chinese in Motion uses the vocabulary introduced in the Integrated Chinese series as its foundation. It is perfect for continuing language acquisition after completing Integrated Chinese Level 2, Part 2.

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"Chinese In Motion" focuses upon student field work as the core of a comprehensive study abroad experience and offers professional-level vocabulary and sentence structures presented in context to aid acquisition of professional language ability. Featuring targeted themes and dialogues that focus each lesson on topics relevant to contemporary China and enhanced with superbly designed in interactive lesson outlines that build on student at-home preparation for more effective in-class learning, "Chinese In Motion" is an ideal textbook and Chinese Language curriculum supplement.

—Library Bookwatch, the Midwest Book Review

About the Author

Dr. Lin specializes in second language acquisition and language assessment. She received her B.A. in English literature from Shandong University, her M.S. in International Education and Linguistics from Indiana University, and her Ph.D. in Foreign Language Education from the University of Iowa. Dr. Lin joined the National Language Flagship Initiative in 2003 and is a respected leader at the forefront of Chinese language acquisition. Her research interests include the relationship between vocabulary acquisition and language acquisition, validity and reliability of classroom assessment, and objective Chinese language testing and evaluation.

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