My father for all his wealth, could do nothing about his sickness. I, for all my hard-partying habits, did want to do something big with my life ‘€“ to take over my father’€™s massive company. But my father asked me to go to Beijing first. He wanted me to spend some time with Zhang Li, a fellow college student whose father was even richer than mine. He wanted me to learn from Zhang Li and perhaps become more like him.

In Beijing, I couldn’€™t find Zhang Li, and after a while I almost forgot what my father asked me to do. I couldn’€™t imagine that such unbelievable things had happened to me while I was in Beijing, and my life was completely changed. And in the end my father did pass his company to me.

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About the Author

Yuehua Liu was' a distinguished scholar in Chinese linguistics and language pedagogy. She authored numerous articles and books, including the acclaimed' Integrated Chinese' series.

Chengzhi Chu' is an Associate Professor of Chinese in the East Asian Languages and Culture department at University of California Davis. His primary research interests include Chinese linguistics, cognitive semantics, Chinese language pedagogy, and the application of computer technology in language instruction.

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