China’s Development and Dilemmas compiles 14 authentic readings to provide a nuanced picture of contemporary China, addressing controversial political and social dilemmas such as environmental pollution and democracy issues. The thoughtfully selected essays, originally written for educated Chinese audiences, help learners gain a deeper understanding of problems central to the Chinese experience, while building advanced academic and professional proficiency in Chinese.


  • Background information provides social and historical context for each writer or topic
  • Original extended reading passages by the authors provide additional reading practice
  • A rich array of practice activities and exercises help refine students’ communication and critical thinking skills
  • Lessons can be taught in any order, allowing for flexible classroom use
  • A rich companion website provides supporting audio, video, study guides, and teaching tips
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Students outside of China...normally see China through the lens of Western or their own local media. The essays in this volume ”all authentic materials written for a well-educated native Chinese audience” reflect the viewpoints of native Chinese intellectuals, giving students an understanding of contemporary China through the eyes and minds of the Chinese?

—Vivian Ling, former Professor and Director of IUP in Taipei and Beijing

An impressively informative and pioneering volume on the subject, "China's Development and Dilemmas: Authentic Readings for Advanced Learners" brings together essential authentic writings by leading Chinese intellectuals on important issues in contemporary China. A wide range of thought-provoking topics invites students to take different points of view and engage in discussion and debate. Highly effective activities to enhance students' communicative and critical thinking skills round out the volume. Topics are addressed discretely, giving teachers flexibility on which reading to introduce when. Most importantly, this work enables students to achieve professional functionality...Exceptionally well organized and presented, "China's Development and Dilemmas" is an ideal curriculum textbook and unreservedly recommended for college and university library Contemporary China collections and supplemental studies lists.

—Library Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review

About the Author

The authors of China's Development and Dilemmas have many years of experience teaching advanced-level students of Chinese at prestigious U.S. academic institutions. Chih-p'ing Chou is a Professor of East Asian Studies and the director of the Chinese language program at Princeton University, specializing in modern Chinese intellectual history and late Ming literature. He is the principal author of fourteen Chinese language textbooks. Yongtao Zhang is a Senior Lector in East Asian Languages and Literature at Yale University. He previously worked as a Chinese language lecturer at Princeton University alongside Yunjun Zhou, who recently received her M.A. in East Asian Languages and Civilizations at the University of Chicago.

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